Running combined apps in one docker image


I am new to docker but really like the concept of it.

We are currently using Vmware images with configured infrastructure for tests during development.
The developers machines are Win7 or Win8.1 and the Vmware guest OS is Win7.
The main issue of this is that it’s SO heavy…huge image where most of it is on guest OS and then require a lot of RAM to run. We also have a approx 50 developers using this

So discovered Docker and finds it very interesting as a potential better solution but too new to it to know for sure :smile:

The need I have for this is to run a message broker but we also have dependencies to use a messaging platform (message queue). The products is from IBM and is WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere MQ. I have seen some IBM products in the docker space but not this type of configuration.

So therefore some questions…

  1. Is it good to run several applications inside the same docker image?
  2. Do you have any experience/tips with these IBM productions on Docker?

As far as concept, if you break down each application in new container it will be better.

Docker is blackbox, give input and get the the o/p.

Unless your applications are having dependency of each other and need to run under same namespace you may need to put them in single docker container. Else for each application one container will be better.