Running Docker and VirtualBox on the same machine

Please use Docker Toolbox:

I’m not awfully good with Docker at all, but how does Docker relate to Docker Toolbox?

Or rather, why would Docker need to run on Hyper-V when it’s a well-known fact that Hyper-V pretty much destroys the ability to use any other virtual machines sanely? Just checking.


You can read more about Docker for Windows here:

When building Docker for Windows, we wanted to build an integrated and native-feeling product. Having VirtualBox as a separate install with Toolbox has proved troublesome and error-prone.

This came at the cost of not working with VirtualBox. If you use VirtualBox, you can use Docker Toolbox - it’s continuously updated with the latest Docker Engine releases.

Ah ok, so basically you moved to a different (far more aggressive) hypervisor because you couldn’t get it to work with VB. That’s one way of looking at it.

Why didn’t you decide to use WLS? (also known as Linux System on Windows, available with developer mode as of the summer’s anniversary update)
One thing I can say for certain is that the Ubuntu version doesn’t work with WLS. The daemon won’t start. Now there’s an issue with having daemons running in WLS, but normally at least they should start and work.

Work on Docker for Windows started before WSL was announced. And as you mentioned, the Linux Docker daemon doesn’t start in WSL because the WSL kernel API shim is not complete, so we couldn’t shift, even if we wanted.

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I have the same issue. During installation of Docker for Windows, I gave permissions to enable HyperV I see now that I can use Virtual Box any more. Now, I uninstalled docker for windows tried installing Docker toolbox wont let me complete the installation. How do I go about disabling the HyperV on windows now?

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I’m in the middle of sorting this out for myself. In contrast to my experience years ago with Hyper-V and Windows guests, I’ve found the current Hyper-V to be horrible for hosting Linux guests (full screen resolution locked below the native resolution for my display, failure to start, etc.) So, I’m punting, and using VirtualBox to host my Linux guests.

In order to run 64-bit guests, Hyper-V had to be disabled. If you want to disable Hyper-V, the easiest path is to press the Windows button, then type “turn windows features”. Turn Windows features on or off will resolve somewhere around the d in “windows”, at which point you can select it by hitting enter. Hyper-V will be one of the features that you can uncheck. A reboot will be required.

Now to sort out the use of docker-toolbox…

I know this is an old thread but others may come to it as I have, so this appears to be a working solution:


Scott Hanselman has a great post on how to easily switch between hypervised an non-hypervised windows here
this will allow you to run hyper v and virtualbox (but not at the same time çause hyper-v is an higher lever hypervisor than virtualbox ad once enabled it run the entire windows in hypervised mode)

I can’t believe I’ve came all the way down installing Docker just to find out I’ll have to remove it and install another version… thank’s a lot for making things a little more difficult instead of being a little more informative and preventing me to install it in the first place…


I agree with dmyoko. I’m not willing to sacrifice other programs on my computer in exchange for docker. I wish I hadn’t had my time wasted. I will just create a virtual machine using VirtualBox, and install docker on that.

It’s confusing, I know what “Docker” is. Having Docker “for Windows” or Docker “Toolbox” doesn’t impart much meaning by itself.

However I do appreciate Friis’s professionalism and clear answers! So thank you Mr. Friis.

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Same here as the guys before us. We want to start using Docker but not without VirtualBox.


Docker Uninstalled, Hyper V Disabled VirtualBox Re-installed…

Problems Solved!!!

Hi guys,
I wrote here:

but I have not received an answer.
I use Virtualbox 6 with different OS installed. I have to use VirtualBox and I also want to keep it updated. I do not use Hyper V.
May I know what to do?
I tried to make several attempts but all without success.
Do I have to install Docker for Windows Installer.exe? Before or after?
Do I have to install DockerToolbox.exe? Before or after?
Do I have to install the version of Virtualbox present in your executable or can I use the latest version downloadable from the official site?
Do I have to keep disabled or enabled Hyper V on Windows 10?
Why does nobody answer me?
Do I have to install Docker on a virtual version of Ubuntu?


One thing you could always do is install Docker in a VM on VirtualBox. With Vagrant, it would be pretty sweet to have everything scripted, too.

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The link, redirects to the Windows Desktop Docker app. That doesn’t solve the problem because when that app starts for the first time you are asked to disable support for VB.

@nicomp, here is a working link with documentation of Docker Toolbox:

It’s only documentation.

What We want it’s a Link working to do the download of Docker Toolbox, and not Win Desktop Docker.

Like this?

I just did this on Win 10 Pro and it works like a charm. Not useful if you want to run Docker and VirtualBox concurrently, but works for my purposes.

I ran into the same problem yesterday and wrote up a blog post about the workaround that I found:

In short:

  • -to run Linux containers: Use Docker Toolbox, which sets up a Virtual Box VM
  • -to run Windows containers: Create a minimal installation of the dockerd Windows service yourself that allows you to run process-isolation containers on Windows (without the need for a VM)
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