Running docker/wordpress container behind reverse proxy with path


I’ve been struggling for about a week to get the docker/wordpress container working in my environment.

(Tried posting to WP forums but havent received much help.)

I don’t know if this question is specific to the container version of docker or not.

For a variety of reasons, here is what I want to do:

apache/ssl/reverse proxy <—> port 8100 docker/wordpress container

I want the external URL to be something like to reverse proxy to/from docker container running on port 8100. The main apache will handle the ssl termination.

So, the content in docker/wp container will be at the URL /lab/wp-admin/blahblah and /lab/helloworld/blahblah

What I’ve struggled with is getting the right settings for site-url, wordpress address, and container .htaccess rewrite rules. What I find is that some of the pages generated will correctly refer to www-example-com/lab but many of the admin pages will not. Plus, some of the test content that would be www-example-com/lab/hello-world can’t be found.

(I substituted dash for . due to posting restrictions.)

Any suggestions on how to configure this? Via logs, I believe I have the main apache/reverse-proxy files set up correctly and the ssl termination.