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Running GUI apps inside docker machine

(Perky) #1


I would like to apologize if ever this question was answered before. I have successfully ran GUI apps such as chrome from jess’s repository on dockerhub in a docker container. However, I am trying to run these same images on a docker machine which I have failed to do so. My problem is with $DISPLAY option since I’m not particularly sure if there’s anything needed to be changed. The code I ran can be seen at


(Qtimmylin) #2

Hi @perky,

I am wondering if you find out why? I now encounter the same issue as yours. The X11 forwarding is working fine on Docker for Windows. But it’s not working on docker-machine.

My docker-machine is build on the hyperV with virtual-switch which created by myself form external interface. I was wondering if that’s the problem due to X server and client are came from same network interface…

any solution here?