Save csv from node js to local system while running on docker


I am facing an issue while running my node js + react js + mongodb app using docker-compose. While running locally and separately I can easily create and save a CSV file on local system. However when I run the whole app using docker-compose, it doesn’t create any file on my local system, nor gives any error.

I would really appreciate some insights on this.


Why would this expectation be correct? We neither know your compose file, nor do we know into which container path you write your data.

Basically, we know nothing, except that something doesn’t work as you expected :slight_smile:


Apologies for my casual approach on the platform. This was my first post/question here. I believe the issue I am facing will be more understandable on a call. If possible, please give me some time so I could explain what I am facing here.

There is no need to apologize. We just need something to work with, as we can not guess what you did and how you did it :slight_smile: