Scaling Registry V2 with S3 backend

I’m running docker registry V2 with S3 backend, but I need to scale it. How safe it is to provision multiple registry nodes pointing to the same S3 storage? I assume pulls should be okay, but what about pushes? What happens if by chance 2 clients start to push the same image?

I can’t answer your question (I had never run multiple registry) but I’m trying to get v2 running with s3 backend. Local store works but I seems like whatever I try in config.yml does not work.

Currently running v< .9 with S3 backend but a parallel config does not work. Docs are not clear enough about what is required.

I’m wondering if you can share your install notes.

My v.9 startup looks like:
sudo docker run
–name drc
-e AWS_BUCKET=xxxxx-docker
-e STORAGE_PATH=/registry
-e AWS_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxx
-e AWS_SECRET=xxxxxxxxxxxx
-e SEARCH_BACKEND=sqlalchemy
-p 5000:5000