Secure Docker setup for multiple users on shared machines


I’m currently working on a setup to make Docker available on a high performance cluster (HPC). The idea is that every user in our group should be able to reserve a machine for a certain amount of time and be able to use Docker in a “normal way”. Meaning accessing the Docker Daemon via the Docker CLI.

To do that, the user would be added to the Docker group. But this imposes a big security problem for us, since this basically means that the user has root privileges on that machine.

The new idea is to make use of the user namespace mapping option (as described in As I see it, this would tackle our biggest security concern that the root in a container is the same as the root on the host machine.

But as long as users are able to bypass this via --userns=host , I wouldn’t call it a secure setup :slight_smile:

My question is: Is it possible to disable certain Docker CLI options like “–users=host”?
Comments on strengthening security this way are welcome as well.