Security scanning of containers?

Hi All.

I am currently searching for a decent image/container/registry scanner. I would like to be able to check images for CVE, at the moment I am using rhel/centos/ubuntu/debian based images.

I tried on CentOS7:

  • openscap (oscap-docker): needs atomic for installation, allows scanning of rhel based images only;
  • atomic: allows scanning of rhel based images only;
  • clair: usable in theory for rhel/centos/ubuntu/debian images but in practice I encountered problems with analyze-local-images and hyperclair “cli” tools and API does not allow automatization;
  • banyan collector/dockscan/drydock: seem to be stale or not enough mature to be considered;
  • nessus: seems to be an overkill for my usecase.

I am now looking into:

  • aqua (commercial);
  • twistlock (commercial);
  • blackduck docker scanner (commercial).

Can you share info about what you are using to scan docker images? Any proposals for my usecase?



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Hey did you ever find a good solution to this problem? I’m trying to solve the same thing.