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Self-developed TCP server hosted in java docker container stops immediately!


(Khtaheri) #1

I am to host a TCP server, developed by Java, inside a java docker container.

All what I have in the dockerfile is a copy command for the server application and the bash file, which used to run the server.

However, the server is stopped some seconds after running the container?

I use the following command for running the container:

docker run -d -p 2701:2701 --name app_test_con_1 app_test_img_1

And this is the bootstrap command in the dockerfile: CMD ["/workspace/"]

Is there any way to keep server running for ever? Since it does that if I run it with the same .sh files in the host OS; Of course as long as the terminal is not closed.

(Ranjandas) #2


Can you show the contents of Are you sending your tcp server to background in the script?

Try to run the java app in foreground which will probably fix your issue.


(Khtaheri) #3


Thanks for your reply!

Actually, script calls another expect script which runs the server and automatically enters server’s password . However, all commands in this scenario are executed in foreground unless expect sends processes to the background by default!!

Kind regards