Serverprocess and VPN tunnel inside a container


I build edan image with xl2tpd as VPN tunnel and mosquitto as mqtt server.

The tunnel work fine, I can ping other nodes in the private network out of the container. Also mosquitto is comming up.

My problem is, that I can not ping the IP of the tunnel endpoint from remote nodes, and I can not reach the mqtt server (port 1883) from the private network (but from inside the container, but this is sensless) :slight_smile:

The command to start the container: $ sudo docker run --privileged -i -t vpntest

So what is wrong?


My fault, just a missing routing entry. Not a problem with the container.

Crap, my first posting in this forum and Iā€™m embarrassing myself ā€¦

I think this article will be useful for you team-gizka. It explains all the stuff about VPN pretty much explicitly

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