Services.db Additional property enviroment is not allowed

hello I’m new to docker and i still learning how it works, I’m trying to use node and PostgreSQL when I’m trying to run docker-copmpose up i get this error (services.db Additional property enviroment is not allowed) and here is .yml file

version: '3.9'

    build: .
      - '3000:3001'
    image: 'postgres'
      - '4321-5432'
      POSTGRES_DB: 'postgres_db'
      POSTGRES_USER: 'db_user'
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: 'password'

Please, use the </> button to insert odes, especially yaml codes where indentation is important. I edited your post.

Because enviroment is not an english word nor a keyword in Docker Compose, “environment” is. Sometimes we need to check the keywords we use letter by letter, because our mind can trick us just by looking at a word we think is correct.

thanks a lot you saved my time i couldn’t see it! shame on me :see_no_evil: