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Set up side host reverse proxy nginx instance where redirecting all 80 and 443 containers ports

Hi Friends!
I’m new about Docker.
I’ve installed [Geonode](https:// geonode .org/) through Docker Compose, and so far so good.
Now I would like to install on the same server [ODK Central](https:// docs. getodk .org/central-intro/) and [uMap](https:// umap. openstreetmap .fr/en/) and here the first difficulties arise (which I would like to overcome thanks to you).

Here all instances documentation:

Geonode --> https:// docs .geonode .org/en/master/install/basic/index.html
ODK Central —> https:// docs .getodk .org/central-install-digital-ocean/#obtaining-and-setting-up-central
uMap —> https:// umap-project .readthedocs .io/en/latest/ubuntu/

Specifically Geonode, ODK and uMap they all use NGINX and all the same ports: 80 and 443.
So, it is so easy to move the ports editing the “yml” files fro the Dockers, is not so easy (at least for me) to forward all https flow from a single host web server (and related Letsencrypt certificate management) to the others dockers web server instances.

Now I’m in this situation: I would like to understand how to set up a host side NGINX reverse proxy to forward all the https flow coming from the two different containers: Geonode and ODK.

I’ve been seen that exist also the Docker proposal, but what I would like is to manage a local web server (no Docker) able to allow the above.

Could you give me a little help? :slight_smile:

Many thanks!


Have you actualy tried the forums search already?

I will search,
I was hoping for a little more personalized help, however thanks anyway.