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Shared Drives conflict with Check Point VPN Client

(Ktnagel) #1

Hello folks,

when searching for a failure to activate Shared Drives we noticed another strange combination on a business notebook: running a VPN client by “CheckPoint” enforces a “Security Policy” to be used, that seems to circumvent the built-in firewall exceptions for Port 445 connections between the Docker NAT and the PC. So, in order to get shared drives working this “Security Policy” needs to be deactivated. (See the Popup-Menu of the Tray Icon (a little Lock)).

Regards from Dortmund,

(Voctorzas) #2

I wouldn’t trust my privat data to Checkpoint. There’re few relible providers approved by tests and public opinion. Here’s an article for consultation Best vpn rating.

(Raj Chaudhuri) #3

Thanks for sharing this. That CheckPoint VPN client has caused me many problems, not just with Docker.

(Hansolo325) #4

VPN tends to create issues as it redirects traffic through it’s own servers, so yeah, it could happen. Try visualtasktips or other with OpenVPN protocol, guess it will work.


I completely agree with you that VPN must me reliable, Here are some reliable VPNs which you can choose in 2019:


I have also heard issues with Check point. But surprise to see that @samzike and @voctorzas mentioned 3rd party VPN services in comparison with Checkpoint which seems senseless… Read the reviews here: about such 3rd party VPNs they are different and they are for individuals. On the other hand Checkpoint VPN client provide access to corporate networks and resources when traveling or working remotely. Kindly do your homework first and do not confuse the readers with your misguided information.