Show real-time process of python packages installation via pip

Hello, everybody!

I am building some docker image which looks like this:

# start by pulling the python image
FROM python:3.10.9-slim-buster

# copy the requirements file into the image
COPY ./requirements.txt /app/requirements.txt

# switch working directory

# tryna fix error with pip install -r requirements.txt below
RUN pip install wheel setuptools pip --upgrade

# install the dependencies and packages in the requirements file
RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

# copy every content from the local file to the image
COPY . /app

# configure the container to run in an executed manner
ENTRYPOINT [ "python" ]

CMD [""]

I would like to see something like this when the build is running command “RUN pip install -r requirements.txt”:

How can I see in real-time the process of python packages installation?

It would really make it easier to understand what creates error during this step of the build.