Signature files to verify the download of the Docker Desktop RPM package?

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as the title already says, do those exist, for any Linux packages really? Or are they not needed (some other signing method being used)?

I can’t find much about this topic so I’m asking here.

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This is the release links line

for v4.27.1

Windows (checksum) | Mac with Apple chip (checksum) | Mac with Intel chip (checksum) | Debian - RPM - Arch (checksum)

As you can see, Debian, RPM and Arch are separated by a dash not a pipe character. When you click on the Checksum link at the end of the line, you will find rpm, deb and zst in it.

Is this what you were looking for?

Thanks for the answer.

Are those checksums signed with a developer key? And where can one find the public key?

An AccessDenied message is displayed when trying to search the directory. How can the various sub-directories be accessed?

Since you were looking for signature files for “Linux packages” only, I assumed you have no problem with Docker Desktop installers for other platforms where there are separate checksum files. I don’t know about any other files like signatures. The checksum is probably just a simple checksum.

It wasn’t made for browsing so file listing is not enabled.