Slow Webpack Performance Compared to Dinghy

Hey guys, I’m having a performance problem with the new Docker for Mac.

I’m running a container locally for development that’s just the standard node image from dockerhub.

I run webpack from within the container and had no problems with performance before upgrading to official Docker for Mac from Dinghy. And, I’m talking some big time performance hits. My webpack builds went from about 2 seconds to over 60 seconds.

Is this something that is known in the community? Is the performance of Docker for Mac not up to the same standard as a VM like Dinghy?


Please see File access in mounted volumes extremely slow, CPU bound for a discussion of the situation.

It would help tremendously if you could post a reproduction of your use case. Are you using webpack's polling feature? How/where is your volume mounted? Explicit instructions to reproduce the performance problem are necessary to understand what the bottleneck is.



I’ll compile a comprehensive report and post it in the other thread. Thank you very much for brining that to my attention!