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Solutions that Include Containerized and Non-Containerized Code

(Snyderdb) #1

Hello! I am new to the Docker Community Forum and have a general question. Is it fairly typical to architect software solutions that include containerized code as well as non-containerized code?

There are certain architectural components that will not lend themselves to containerization.

I was wondering if someone, with experience with this issue provide some guidance particularly as it relates to establishing a CI/CD deployment pipeline.

We are planning to use OpenShift.

Thank you

(David Maze) #2

Since the best way to communicate with Docker images is over network connections, and those don’t really care, there’s nothing wrong with doing this.

As one specific example, for production use, you might consider running databases outside of Docker: they’re often happier on dedicated hardware, they really need to be backed up, and their code versions probably change less often. As an even more specific example, if you’re mostly deploying on AWS, you might use their hosted databases (RDS) and load balancers even if the rest of your system ran in Docker (or ECS or Kubernetes).

If you already have a service-oriented architecture then you could migrate some of the parts to Docker and not others, so long as you can answer the service discovery and routing questions.

(Snyderdb) #3

Thank you so much for the reply and very helpful info David!

Tremendously appreciated!