[SOLVED] Docker Hub not counting pulls any more

Hello there,

about a week ago Docker Hub stopped counting pulls on all my repositories. The pull counters are not incrementing in any case. What could be the reason?



am I really the only one experiencing this problem?

I’ve created some new repositories lately and they all still have zero pulls, which is technicaly not possible at all, as I understand. Building the images themselves normally increases the counters already. It looks really weird.

I’m not aware about doing anything to cause some blacklisting or something similar.

The hub simply stopped incrementing the counters after I’ve built one of my images last week. Originally I’ve suspected some temporary problem on the hub itself, so I’ve waited until it’s fixed. But now it’s already becoming to be a trouble.

I find also strange, that I’m not able to google anything similar to that.

Has anybody at least heard about it?

I’ll appreciate any hints about possible reasons and what I possibly could do to fix it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

The issue #1490 I’ve opened last week has been already confirmed by others. Has anybody heard something more about the problem, maybe?

Great news! The issue #1490 has been just closed because it works again! Thanks. :smiley: