[Solved] Docker stack internal sticky load balancing

Hello, I have a docker stack consisting of some services let’s call them service_1 and service_2. Both services are using the same overlay network. Clients communicate to service_1 in which I achieved sticky load balancing using traefik (I need sticky load balancing cause clients communicate to the containers of service_1 using socket.io). However containers of service_1 communicate to containers of service_2 also by socket.io, meaning that I must somehow achieve sticky load balancing for service_2 without publishing service_2 outside the overlay nework. I haven’t found a way to achieve sticky load balancing for the internal service_2 instead of the default round Robin that docker offers.

Any proposals?

Thanks in advance


This will disable the internal load balancer, so if you find the way to refer to an ip instead to the service name it should work. Is not a real solution but maybe can help you

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Thanks for your answer, i had already seen that part of the documentation but i didn’t knew how to configure the load balancer in order to consume the IP list. I finally worked around my problem by using dnsrr mode, along with a handmade loadbalancer that does on the fly dns queries and saves inside the session cookies a random service_2 container’s IP.

I know it is a patchy solution but i could not invest more time on this issue (and untill now it works fine too).