[SOLVED?] MACVLAN Access Issue

UPDATE: Seems to have rectified itself. May have been a stale ARP cache in switching. Unsure but it’s working now!

New docker user here and having some very odd issues I cannot seem to track down.

I’m using docker 18.09.9-1 on photon OS 3 hosted on ESXI 6.7 U3. Virtual switch is in promiscuous mode.

I’m attempting to manage my containers via portainer (Maybe my issue?) as I’m not used to the syntax yet.

I’ve created a MACVLAN network which goes through the single physical adapter on the photon OS device. pihole starts just fine and I’m actually able to do DNS queries off of it just fine so I know that at a base level, the MACVLAN network is likely functioning just alright.

The problem that I’m running into is accessing the interface to the pihole container, from all but 1 device on my network. It would completely make more sense if I couldn’t get to it from any device but alas, here I am able to get to it from my linux workstation. I also have a Windows 10 laptop and multiple Android devices, none of which can access the website. I’ve also got about 10 linux servers in the house and a smoke test of a few of those cannot get to either, just the one linux workstation.

It’s not make or break but trying to figure out why on earth TCP port 80 works on one box and none of the others and UDP 53 works just fine on everything.