[Solved] Why my /var/lib/docker filesystem is growing to 100%?

Hello Community :slight_smile:

I’m having some misunderstanding about how Docker works and I would like to figure it out.

I’m running 6 containers in my system, and I have an issue : when I use docker-compose up -d command to build and start my containers, everything goes fine, but after a while (~ a week), my /var/lib/docker filesystem grow to 100% disrupting my containers proper functioning. The only way to resolve the issue is to docker-compose down then docker-compose up -d again, then the filesystem goes back to ~ 50%.

Could you explain me how to solve this issue, for example limiting the usage of disk space for my containers ?

I can show you my docker-compose.yml file if needed.

Thanks you in advance for your answers, sorry for my bad english and sorry again if this question was already asked.

Hello aurelf21,

What driver are you using ?
Did you check container log files occupation space ?
Did you check the space taken by dangling images in your system ?

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Hello fouscou,

thanks for your reply.

In fact, I just found the answer and this is nothing related to Docker… my application inside container was logging a lot and generating 25Mo log files every hour. I didn’t see that before I post this issue…

I think I can check this question as resolved, thanks anyway for your help !