Some beginner questions

just started with Docker… Understand the concept and its power and “beauty”. Not a programmer.
I have previous experience in apps virtualization with App-V.
Have couple of questions…

  1. could any app (lets say 7zip, Adobe Reader…) be containerized and presented to user like an installed app?
    In App-V the sequencer was used for creating an app package. I used it for virtualizing legacy enterprise apps for running on the same machine without a conflict that existed using general installation.

  2. I have a project that requires App and DataBase be installed on separate servers.
    The app supports Postgre. And during my first Docker world “touches” I see Postgre appears as available image + there are youtube tutorials on Postgre subject (didn’t watch yet, because just trying to create some order of things in my head :).

Is my thinking for achieving the requirement of separating App and DB on individual servers using Docker make any sense:

a) enable container feature on Server 2019
“insert” Postgre Container Image and make initial Postgre config (?)
b) install Application. During app install point to existing “containerized” Postgre.

Sorry, if my questions look silly.