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Specifying /etc as volume

(Jadaw1n) #1


I’m trying to dockerize a software which manages a multitude of services (and not always the same).
Does it have any drawbacks if i specify /etc as a volume?
I know that e.g. resolv.conf is not deletable normally, but could be deleted then. Are there more things to look for?
Of course I’d copy all existing files to the new directory.

I’m using debian:stable and “–net host”. The container is not privileged.

(Sven Dowideit) #2

mmmm, ok, yes, there is one interesting problem - that /etc volume will be imported into any container that you link to with --volumes-from

Mind you, it really does depend - I suspect in cases like yours it might be very useful :slight_smile:

(Jadaw1n) #3

It’s just in case, thanks :slight_smile: