Speed Test Server Apps for Mobile devices


Does anybody know of a speed test for mobile devices that is GUI based from a phone. I have installed and tested OpenSpeedTest and it works great and the GUI is basic which is good, but I’d like to have some alternatives to this.

Also, I do not want a CLI based tester

Please point me in the right direction

What is the relationship with Docker for this question?

I need to know of any good apps/server that i can run in a docker container. I’m fairly new to this so I am learning as i go.

I still don’t feel it is related to Docker. Do you want to find a network speed tester app? If you have an app that you want to run in containers, we can point you to the right direction, but first, you should have an app :slight_smile:

Maybe you think there are so many official and 3rd party images on Docker Hub, that we have met a network speed tester too. Unfortunately, I have not.

Yeah, I am simply trying to find a lightweight app speed tester that i can run in a docker container that has a simple web interface that shows simple stats etc. I stood up a OpenSpeedTest server but I need alternatives

I am using henrywhitaker3/speedtest-tracker for permanent speedtest testing. It uses https://www.speedtest.net under the hood and provides a simple but sufficient webapp ui.

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Awesome, Thank you. If you know of any other ones I can test in comparison please let me know, I need a few options for what I am doing.