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Ssh remote access on sshd container to app container

(Oliver76) #1

Hi Community,

I want to use sshd and vsftpd in an ready builded container. How should I combine these services.On the remote host the entry point is ssh.
I have read sshd shouldnt be run on the container itself.
How can I close the bride between the remote host, the sshd service and the application container.
Have you an example for it?
Remote Host => entry point ssh => vsftpd and sshd => app
vsftpd => vsftp_container => vsftpd
sshd => sshd_container => /usr/sbin/sshd -D
app => app_container



(Nathan Le Claire) #2

@oliver76, if you want to get a terminal prompt inside of a container, you should SSH in to your remote box and either use or the docker exec command which is landing in 1.3.

(Oliver76) #3

Thanks for your answer,

this step should be done automatically. If I type in the ssh command it should be leading to the app container over the ssh container and not only to the app container.
I hope I have explained it that you can understand it.
I must use ssh and cannot switch to nsenter. The nsenter command could be done on the sshd server automatically.
How should it be done?

Regards Olaf

(Oliver76) #4

I have switched the OS from centos7 to centos6 and installed all on one image.
You can close this issue.

Regards Olaf