Standalone Docker (no internet connection)

I’d like to run docker on an embedded Linux system to virtualize certain apps. Although there is a network connection on the machine, we do not want the docker engine or registry going out to the internet for any reason. All images will be installed locally on the embedded machine.

I’ve built and installed docker using Yocto. When I try to run docker commands, I get the error:

$ docker images
Error response from daemon: 404 page not found

$ docker load -i /tmp/image.tar
Error response from daemon: 404 page not found

I suspect this is because we run behind an internet proxy and docker or the registry are trying to access something out on the internet.

Is there a way to easily tell docker it is running stand-alone? What is it trying to access when it receives the 404 page not found error? Any ideas?


Let me update this post with the solution. The issue wasn’t at all what I thought. The actual problem is that the docker daemon did not start up successfully. Unfortunately, when this happens, the docker command errors are not helpful at all. Some message like, “Daemon not running” would be more helpful then “404 page not found”. Regardless, I should have noticed that the daemon didn’t start right.