Start writing Python code in Docker

I’m still a beginner, learning to program in Python. I downloaded and installed Docker, I downloaded and installed Git, I downloaded and installed visual studio code and I can write Python code on a local file. How can I write something in Docker? I didn’t find instructions a la for a teapot, I simply don’t understand how to start, there is no description in the documentation, people are not born geniuses, developers, please tell me and add more information to the documentation

There is internet search and you will find a lot of tutorials for reading or watching.

What do you want to do? For learning Python, you don’t need Docker. Creating and running containers is very separate from software development in Python.

Why then do you need Python and go to Docker? What is the point of having this in docker and what am I able to realize? There is no information about this on the Internet, if you look for it, it will be written that you can write a project, nothing more, but how to start what I need to do? What is my first step, I don’t understand and there is no information. I want to write a project in Python in Docker and keep it running there, how can I do this?

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Well, as a beginner, you shouldn’t start with Docker. Docker is a great tool and can help with development, but as a beginner in a programming language you will just feel frustrated. Python is one of the languages that you can easily learn on your machine and later, when it is very important to run a specific Python version or when you need security, isolated environments, portability, you can try Docker.

Some people may have different opinion, but if you think there is not much information about Docker and what it is for, you really shouldn’t make your life harder by using Docker at this point, as there is a lot of information on the internet and in the documentation, you are just not ready to understand it yet. That’s not a problem, but you will not get a satisfying answer here if you don’t understand the basics as you won’t understand the answer.

I understand, I would just like to understand how this is done, well, like a developer, he could post some kind of step-by-step installation, what to install where and why, the feeling from using it is as if Docker is its own sect, and only those who have sold their soul can get into it to the devil. It’s very bad that people are so closed and offended by life that they are not ready, perhaps not able to help, for unknown reasons.

You are asking a very standard question. Hundreds of people have already taken a lot of time to explain this, they have written long articles and created videos.

Examples from search “python development docker”:

  • How to “Dockerize” Your Python Applications (link)
  • Containerized Python Development (link)
  • Docker for Python Developers (link)

You are very welcome to ask specific questions here, but usually no one will explain you the basics here again.

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