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Starter issues with docker on Windows

I am using Windows 8 and had installed the docker toolbox. After searching for a bit to solve the connection refused issues I had set following variables:

export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://:2376
export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY=1 and DOCKER_CERT_PATH pointing to the certificate that I had generated.

Now, I get
Could not read CA certificate "C:\X\Y\Z\boo2docker-vm\ca.pem: The system cannot find the path specified. (please note that the path is corect and this is where I created the Certificate.

Please advice.

There is a commandline tool that will set all the environment variables correctly for your specific virtual machine

docker-machine env <machinename>

and you can get the machinename from the list in docker-machine ls

essentially, you don’t generate your own certificates, docker-machine does it, and sets up the virtual host the as needed.

Thanks for the response. You suggestion helped me. But of course, I had to remove the machine and then re-create it.

I would also like to install Docker Toolbox under Windows8. I can install it without error notes popping up, but when I try to run “docker run hello-world” to test it I get the message "Are you trying to connect to a TLS-enabled daemon without TLS? " and “Is your docker daemon up and running?”

When I type “docker-machine env machinename” I get the info: Syntax error near unexpected token “newline”. What do I have to type for “machinename”?

Could someone help me further? That would be great.

You might want to try deleting your existing machine and then re-create it with the docker-machine command. Let me know how it goes.



I have downloaded the client bundle from my to my local Windows 7 host and I ran the eval $(< command but after I am not able to run docker images or any other docker commands.

ezkelga@BC85858 MINGW64 ~/.docker/machine/machines/default
$ docker images
could not read CA certificate “\c\learning\docker\ca.pem”: open \c\learning\docker\ca.pem: The system cannot find the path specified.

PS: I am learning from - Docker Certified Associate.

Thank you very much.

You may have to start the docker machine. Use the “Docker Quickstart Terminal” which starts your docker machine “default”, following that you can execute your commands in it.