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Starter issues with docker on Windows


I am using Windows 8 and had installed the docker toolbox. After searching for a bit to solve the connection refused issues I had set following variables:

export DOCKER_HOST=tcp://:2376
export DOCKER_TLS_VERIFY=1 and DOCKER_CERT_PATH pointing to the certificate that I had generated.

Now, I get
Could not read CA certificate "C:\X\Y\Z\boo2docker-vm\ca.pem: The system cannot find the path specified. (please note that the path is corect and this is where I created the Certificate.

Please advice.

(Docsuser) #2

There is a commandline tool that will set all the environment variables correctly for your specific virtual machine

docker-machine env <machinename>

and you can get the machinename from the list in docker-machine ls

essentially, you don’t generate your own certificates, docker-machine does it, and sets up the virtual host the as needed.


Thanks for the response. You suggestion helped me. But of course, I had to remove the machine and then re-create it.

(Alexandra12) #4

I would also like to install Docker Toolbox under Windows8. I can install it without error notes popping up, but when I try to run “docker run hello-world” to test it I get the message "Are you trying to connect to a TLS-enabled daemon without TLS? " and “Is your docker daemon up and running?”

When I type “docker-machine env machinename” I get the info: Syntax error near unexpected token “newline”. What do I have to type for “machinename”?

Could someone help me further? That would be great.


You might want to try deleting your existing machine and then re-create it with the docker-machine command. Let me know how it goes.