Stopping a swarm - redoing the tutorial

Hi community
New to docker and followed the getting started and proudly made it to the :
docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml getstartedlab
That’s it! Your app is running in production and is managed by Docker Cloud.

the tree instances was running on amazon :slight_smile:
But I was not able to connect to the external IPs that amazon provided.

In trying to figure that out I wanted to stop and start the tutorial again to see where I made a mistake. But I can’t find out how to stop and remove the stuff. The doc does not tell me how to stop it. Can anyone please tell me how to stop and remove the instances.

I tried to use the EC2 Dashboard and Terminate the instances. But they just restart. I have tried docker swarm leave --force But the result of that is just that the connection between docker and amazon is broken.

Thanks for any help. And a tip to the ones that wrote the getting started guide: Put in a short how to stop it and clean up.