Storage Driver: direct lvm configuration with UUID on Azure VM

I have an Azure VM where I configured docker version 17.09.00 CE with direct-lvm.
This is my /etc/docker/daemon.json file:
“storage-driver”: “devicemapper”,
“storage-opts”: [

As you can see, I use the partition /dev/sdc1.
We learned it the hard way that Azure has no stable /dev/xxxx devices. After a reboot the device name can be different.
In /etc/fstab we use the UUID instead, because the UUID is stable.

I tried to replace /dev/sdc1 with the UUID of the partition but docker won’t start after the change.
Tried different formats

no luck.

Is it possible to use the UUID of the partition instead of /dev/sdc1 and how?

I’m not an expert in LVM thats why I try to go with direct-lvm configuration. devicemapper is the recommended storage driver for RedHat/CentOS according to the documentation.