Storage in Swarm

Hi !

I know that the storage question is often asked.
But, I don’t really found what I’m searching for.

I have a cluster of two nodes connected with Swarm + Traefik + Keepalived in a intranet network.

So, the main issue is storage. I have tried to install Ceph or Gluster but they are not made for two nodes clusters and display errors like split brain. It works with minimum of three nodes clusters.
So ceph and gluster is not for me.

DRDB is a good solution ? I don’t find any recent tutorials. Is a good solution for criticals data ? Security ?

I found another solution but not really in real time. Osync is a tool to use rsync for both nodes.
Or SSHFS but is not a replicated solution.

I’ve just found convoy, what about ? Stable ?

I ask you, do you have any easy/simple solution to replicate data in a cluster of minimal of two nodes ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks !