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"sudo docker -d &" - flag provided but not defined: -d

(Ben Zhou) #1


I’m new and working on the third tutorial. When I run the command “sudo docker -d &”, I received the error:

  • flag provided but not defined: -d.

could it be my installation is missing something. But the docker running as service works fine.

thanks for any insight.

(Jeff Anderson) #2

The -d flag was deprecated in favor of the daemon command. Do you have a link to the tutorial you are using that is still referencing the -d flag?


(Ben Zhou) #3

Yes, it is the third tutorial Docker Operations at 11th minute that uses the -d option.

Thank you,

(Jeff Anderson) #4

What is the URL of the tutorial?

(Ben Zhou) #5
Docker Operations

(Joelezell) #6

I just hit the same issue. Are there plans to resolve this? It lengthened my 60 minute course by 20 minutes while I tried to figure out why the -d option wasn’t working for me.