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Support for executable images, not only services

I love that I can build and start services easily, but in my project I have several ‘executable’ images, and I’m not interested in creating a container for them with ‘docker-compose up’.
I’ve looked for ways of marking or tagging services so that they’re not started automatically, but there’s nothing like it.
Is it possible to add a feature to have a section for executable images? These would be built, but no container will be created on ‘up’. Only when I use ‘docker-compose run command’ a container will be created to execute my logic and then be removed on exit.
This way I can keep using one docker compose config file to setup my complete application and I don’t need to play with multiple docker-compose config files, or shell scripts to build and setup everything I need.

What you ask for does neither exist for plain docker, docker-compose, docker swarm, nor kubernetes.

You might want to open a change request on the dockerhub github project and see how things play out.