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Swarm 1.12 rc4 name resolution

(Bitsofinfo) #1

I have a 3 node swarm cluster (Docker version 1.12.0-rc4, build e4a0dbc)

1 master
2 workers

I have 2 containers I am launching

docker network create -d overlay myapp
docker service create --name app1 --replicas 1 --network myapp --publish 8080 myapp --peer=app2
docker service create --name app2 --replicas 1 --network myapp --publish 8080 myapp --peer=app1

app1 and app2 can not seem to find eachother. The names are not resolving


(Collinp) #2

Similar post with the way I got it working - Swam 1.12 Multi-host networking help

(Aniltarte) #3

I don’t know what --peer parameter is for. In build service discovery should do the trick. You can try to attach a process(/bin/bash) to running container lets say app1 and try to do curl http://app2:8080, ideally it should resolve. For some reason ping just don’t work.

(Bitsofinfo) #4

those are params to my container that tell it the hostname to connect to of its peer, those names do not resolve