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Swarm 1.12 with boot2docker - hosts never rejoin cluster after reboot

(Rusher81572) #1

Hello, If I reboot my nodes, they never join the cluster again. If you try to run “swarm join” again, this error will persist:

Docker version 1.12.0-rc4, build e4a0dbc

$ docker swarm join --secret 84fgblb2gzaslqaqh0aknvjlr --ca-hash sha256:56f7b6f0f96d6146ba828efdc6b1e18bb65b7bc0cf25c29f9eb8932aa14f40fa
Error response from daemon: This node is already part of a Swarm cluster. Use “docker swarm leave” to leave this cluster and join another one.

The only way to get it working again is to do a “swarm leave” then “swarm join”. However, then you will have duplicate entries in the node list as you can see below for node 3:

$ docker node ls
3imhyy2pvpb335neegtyv4bin swarm2 Accepted Down Active
4lokxgwg43cogpvyifvfb1mvn * swarm1 Accepted Ready Active Leader
56mdi1avzseq6j28dc9a40f2x swarm3 Accepted Down Active
9tkujysi0d6l9l4e6ont0q8we swarm3 Accepted Down Active
av3rdoupehrb6f2ibfql8nnoe swarm4 Accepted Down Active