Swarm Manager copying files to nodes


I’ve tried to search for a reasonable solution without using any third part stuff to copy files from swarm manager to workers. I’m not sure it’s possible but since I can run services etc… I know atleast some form of communication is available.

docker@manager:~$ docker node ls
9ulexgugagruwl0oiunekjfc6    worker2   Down    Active
a1dvd1lvwc3xu8f0fmc16bhnp    worker1   Down    Active
piov0g5o5y994dychzt789263    worker3   Down    Active
yog76jp89ebbpk5nuodduwzc4    worker4   Down    Active
ypb7xcijzalpi1v6wecrx0v9c *  manager   Ready   Active        Leader

Does anybody have a nice solution for me to basically execute something similar:

docker@manager:~$ scp file.file worker1:~/file.file

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. I’m trying to implement something similar: I have a swarm cluster set up, I now will for example copy 10 files to the manager and run a script on the manager. The idea is for the manager to evenly distribute the files between the nodes and run a same service on all the nodes (replica number=number of nodes). Each service can now see these files that were copied to the node (mount to image) and modify them and then shut itself down.


Please, check it: How to share data between container (same service)