Swarm Nodes Pending Until Nodes are Restarted

Hello Everyone,

My docker swarm nodes stay in Pending until the nodes have been restarted. To instantiate the swarm, I followed:

CentOS 6
Docker 1.7.1
Swarm 1.2.3 (eaa53c7)

I already have a running production consul fabric so I am piggy-backing on that for this experiment. The infrastructure is just as described in the said manual.

After having joined the nodes into the swarm, they remain in “Status: Pending”:
docker run -d swarm join --advertise=<host ip>:2375 consul://<consul_cluster>:8500

They successfully show up in consul and everything appears to be fine. However, they remain in Status: Pending.

When I kill the swarm container in the nodes and restart them, they then become “Status: Healthy”. They change to Healthy upon stopping the said container, but I cannot leave the container turned off or this particular host will be removed from consul. So, I turn it back on and it stays fine. Why? What am I doing wrong?