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Symantec ESM on Docker

(Prabhakarra) #1

we are trying to start softwares like Symantec ESM and IBM Tivoli ITM, those are host dependents, we have couple of questions like

  1. how to start hostname specific applications on Docker Containers, because each time container provides unique hostname. So we have started with "docker run -i -t -h . how do we know while creating Docker Image, which hostname it is assigned.

  2. To specify the host name we have options ENV HOSTNMAE in Docker file, the following docker file i have used. however got the error like "

    Configuring ESM

    Using MLAMRS Configuration

    esmsetup: The Agent Name should be either hostname, IP or FQDN name.

    Unable to resolve FQDN for local agent

    *** CCS setup encountered a fatal error ***"

    cat Dockerfile

    FROM prab
    ADD local.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/
    ADD bac.conf /etc/
    RUN yum install -y wget bac-esm
    #CMD ["/etc/init.d/esmrc", “start”, “FOREGROUND”]
    CMD ["/esm/bin/lnx-x86/esmd", “-fv”, “FOREGROUND”]

    1. the otherway i have found the host name is ESM installation will creat host speicfic information at /esm/system/, based on that i have started docker container

    docker run -i -t bac_esm3

    Starting ESM…
    Starting ESM network server: No system directory exists for %1. Please 1 b4e3e559bb67
    create a system directory using ‘/esm/esmsetup -c’. 0

    docker run -i -t bac_esm3 /bin/bash

    [root@6c74217a5cb9 /]# cd /esm/system/
    [root@6c74217a5cb9 system]# ls
    [root@6c74217a5cb9 system]# exit

    docker run -i -t -h bc1d2631149e bac_esm3

    Starting ESM…
    Starting ESM network server: [ OK ]

    docker ps -l

    059c647ea4ca bac_esm3:latest "/etc/init.d/esmrc s About a minute ago Exited (0) About a minute ago condescending_swartz

after running the script /etc/init.d/esmrs start the status is EXited instead of UP. can you please help us on the above questions