Synapse matrix server in Docker on VPS

Hello everybody!

I have successfully installed ubuntu 18.04 on VPS server, Have docker and synapse in it up and running.

Set up nginx reverse proxy. I can access my domain with hppt or https and it gets ssll ok, nginx welcome page as well. When I add /_matrix/static/ to my domain I can get to matrix page.

I have successfully created user using on android phone. Have checked with my friend who joined as well, can chat, can start secure chat. Everything is fine, but…

I have server name as IP not domain name. When I change config homeserver.yalm to domain name and stop start docker synapse, matrix server stops at all, cannot access. When change to IP starts to work again.

Ok I thought, let it be IP, tried to open rooms, get internal server error.

So I guess I have several mistakes, in homeserver.yalm configuration, in nginx to make reverse proxy right and maybe in docker, hot it runs synapse.

Can you please help me, what kind of data I can send to you here so that we can think together and fix it? I have everything working, almost. It should be doable. I am sure several lines here and there to correct…