Syslog server inside docker container

Hi all!

I am currently playing around with docker and trying to setup a syslog server inside a container. My goal is to have this syslog server grab and store logs from my users (different pc’s). There is a lot of information online but i can’t seem to figure it out.

First of all, is this goal possible? Second, how do i set this up?

Thanks in advance!


PS. The syslog will run on a NAS (if it is possible of course)

I think I understand what you are asking, and it is possible. Tell me if this link helps in you endeavours.

Hmm, the request seems contradictive… do you aim to run the syslog server in a container on nas - or what is the additional PS about?

Depending on the NAS, it might have already a buildin syslog server, e.g. on Synology NAS devices this can be easily activated.

I think this makes sense, just seems odd since containers are ephemeral in nature. If persisting storage with volumes, the logs should be stored in host machine or processed into a relational database, or something like an ELK stack regardless of the container failing and being re-deployed.

The other part is creating a script that reach out to the “different pc’s” to gather logs and store them from the syslog container. Also configuring the “different pc’s” to allow access via the network, or having a public address to make them accessible would both be a completely different animal of requests.