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Tensorboard inside a docker on a remote server

Hey guys! I’m working on a remote server and training a dataset inside a tensorflow docker container.After training the dataset , I wanted to view training logs with the help of tensorboard. I tried to connect my local computer to the remote server with ssh -L 16006: my-name@IP_Address_remote_server then run the docker with docker run --gpus=all -it -p 16006:6006 tensorflow/tensorflow: latest-devel-gpu-py3
And then tensorboard --logdir log --port=6006
And then try to access to the link that tensorboard gave me on local computer on google chrome but I can’t access to the local host,the link does not work. I tried as well docker run --gpus=all -it -p 16006:6006 -p 6006:6006 tensorflow/tensorflow: latest-devel-gpu-py3 m. Same results. Can anyone help me? Thank you

Run the code from your local machine. ssh -N -f -L localhost:17605:localhost:17605 user@remote Here, -f : pushes ssh in the background. …
Run this code on your remote machine. tensorboard --logdir --port 17605.
Navigate to https://localhost:17605( it will be different for you) in your local machine.