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Testing IPv6 inside a container

Ok, in order to get more info, could you:

  • post the content of your daemon.json
  • give some background of the docker host (AWS, hardware, vmware…)
  • create a service: docker service create --name ubuntu01 ubuntu sleep 1h
  • on the docker host where the container is running, do the following:
    • post the output of ip a of that docker host
    • CONTAINER=$( docker ps | grep ubuntu01 | awk ‘{ print $1 }’ )
    • docker exec $CONTAINER apt-get update
    • docker exec $CONTAINER apt-get upgrade -y
    • docker exec $CONTAINER apt-get install -y net-tools iproute2
    • docker exec $CONTAINER ip a
    • docker exec $CONTAINER ip -f inet6 route show
    • docker exec $CONTAINER ping -w2 -c2 “your container ipv6 default

This should give a clear idea of what is and is not working.

Feel free to use pastebin to share the output of all the above commands.

Kind regards,