The TTY situation is frustrating in Docker for Windows

On Windows 10 Pro, running Docker for Windows 1.11.1-beta11 (build: 2789) / b0bc231.

Cygwin64 mintty: no TTY

% docker run -it ubuntu:xenial
cannot enable tty mode on non tty input
zsh: exit 1     docker run -it ubuntu:xenial

Whereas docker run -i ubuntu:xenial doesn’t support arrow keys or Ctrl-D.

docker run -i alpine /bin/sh -l doesn’t even show a prompt, through docker run -i alpine /bin/sh -li does.

powershell/cmd: TTY required

docker run -i ubuntu:xenial doesn’t show a prompt and no local echo. docker run -i ubuntu:xenial /bin/bash -li complains of a lack of TTY but works.

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I just responded here too: Docker beta for Windows and Windows Bash: path must be absolute

It’s not strictly related to Docker for Windows - I understand why you’re frustrated though.

I don’t understand how those issues relate. Path expansion isn’t involved here.