Timeout when I want to access to a web site (hosted in apache container) from the same container

I’m a docker desktop user (windows).
I have a problem to access to my host, from a container.

My container is a web server (apache). It hosts a web site + a web service

With my browser, I can access to my web site in http from het44 (it works fine)
But from my apache container, when I’m trying to access to the web site, it does not connect (timeout)

A test I did is :

docker-compose exec apache bash
root@4bbd83d91744:/var/www# wget http://het44/service/webservice.php
–2023-04-21 10:22:39-- http://het44/service/webservice.php
Resolving het44 (het44)…,, ::ffff:, …
Connecting to het44 (het44)||:80… failed: Connection timed out.
It can’t reach to the server (timeout after a long time)

If I try to access to any page of the site from the container, it is the same problem. is my windows ip is my wsl2 ip

Here is my docker-compose.yml file :

version: "3.8"
      context: ./apache
      dockerfile: Dockerfile
      - "${APACHE_HTTP_PORT}:80"

What can I do to get it work ?

What is responsible for the successfull hostname resolution on your host? dns? manually entry in hosts file?

It’s my computer name, I didn’t set anything else.