TimeZone in containers after update to 1.13


Host System - Windows 10 , situated in timezone UTC+3 (Europe/Mocsow)

Today I got update to 1.13

Before I started containers with
docker run -d -ti -p […] -e TZ=Europe/Moscow [image_name]

and has right local time in application logs, etc

Now, this hack isn’t work (with, and without it same situation) - and I have +3 hour to localtime in applications. :frowning:

Simple test with centos time :

C:>docker run --rm -it centos date
Fri Jan 20 12:18:11 UTC 2017

(now is 12:18 MSK, hah. ^( )

What can I fix it?

Same Problem here.
My Windows 10 Machine is configured to 14:24 Europe/Berlin.
Inside my docker container the time is 14:24 UTC.

Any solution?

I did it!

Go to Windows Hyper-V-Manager -> Select MobyLinuxVM -> RIght Click Preferences (Einstellungen) -> Integration Services (Integrationsdienste) now check “Time synchronization” (Zeitsynchronisation) -> click OK

These steps solved my problem, now my containers knowing that my host time is not utc but cet!

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Thank you for solution.

In fact, I firstly open Hyper-V Manager (and some time to find it, Into Administration Tools), and has received several new feelings.
Maybe, it was very perspective acquaintance.

But I think, this settings (TimeZone) must be in Docker Settings Tools (such as Insecure Registries).

how this be fixed under docker for mac…can’t find the configuration about hyper

Seems that this had been resolved in 1.13.1