Tizen os base image

Hi, I’m looking into getting tizen ported to run in a docker container(Base Image?). Can someone point me to any documentation for doing this.

Tizen is a linux based OS FYI.


There are actually some pretty good docs on this

Best suggestion is just have a poke around and see how busybox or alpine do it and see if you can replicate. Sounds like great fun little project :smiley:

Thanks, ya I saw that doc page. Not much information there.

I did find a bash script that looks like it turns a disk IMG file into a docker image.

The script basically uses qemu-nbd to mount the disk IMG to access the files in it.
It then tars up the files and creates a json file.

Is this how docker images are made? Just zipping up the root directory?


Yes i think you right looks like you pretty much just zipping up the root directory

Centos example