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Too many replicas - how to reset


Hello - running through some tutorials on docker on a test machine. While typing in a docker-compose.yml file, there was a delay when typing/saving the number of replicas. Instead of 16, it saved as 16666666. I deployed the stack without knowing that it was set that high. Now, it makes the server very slow or locked up if docker is running.

I’ve tried running to both redeploy the stack after correcting the number of replicas, as well as attempted to remove the stack, but it just hangs. I am able to stop the docker service, but I’m not sure how to remove this old stack before restarting it.

Any suggestions?


I was able to kill the configuration by removing the /var/lib/docker/swarm contents and restarting docker. Re init the cluster, rejoined the nodes and then re-deployed the stack. Everything is working now.