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Totally lost with nginx and docker

Hello. I am beginner with server stuff, docker and nginx so i might miss something really simple but i’m stuck…

I have ubuntu server (21.04) running in local network. My problem is Nextcloud with nginx reverse proxy. I have nextcloud running in one container. I have nginx reverse proxy running in another container. Containers are connected via user created bridge network ,they can talk to each other. The login site is just pure text version without functionality. The problem is css, javascript, json everything just refuses to load. I get error message 404 for every js, css, json file. The desktop nextcloud app refuses also connection because the missing json.

I also have ssl configured with self signed signature. This is configured between client and server.

I suspect this is problem in my nginx container but i’m beginner i have no idea what i’m doing wrong. If i run just nextcloud container like localport:apacheport i can access nextcloud just fine from my local computer with address [], everything works.

I use compose files to run my containers.

So please tell me what would be helpful to beginning solving this (.yaml files, conf files) so i can give you rigth information!

Going to nginx forums, this is definetly nginx config problem!

It was nginx configuration error it was something to do with “location {}” block… Configured it differently and now it works.