"Transport endpoint is not connected" in the Docker container

On my host machine, I have a directory called “/OBS” and I have mounted a remote MinIO bucket to the local “/OBS” directory using “rclone mount”. Additionally, I have created a Docker container that maps the host’s “/OBS” directory to the container’s internal “/OBS” directory.

Normally, this setup should work without any issues. However, when I remount “/OBS” on the host machine, the Docker container’s “/OBS” directory does not get updated with the new mount information. Instead, it throws an error “Transport endpoint is not connected” when accessing the “/OBS” directory.

As a result, I have to restart the container to access the “/OBS” directory correctly within the Docker container.

I’m not sure if there is a way to resolve the “Transport endpoint is not connected” error in the container’s “/OBS” directory without restarting the Docker container. I would appreciate any guidance on this matter.