Trouble after upgrade to docker-ce 25.0.1 on debian 12

since the upgrade of docker-ce package from docker apt repository from 24.0.7 to 25.0.1
I can no longer use singularity to build image from docker-daemon:

singularity build tmp.sif docker-daemon://debian:bullseye
Build target 'tmp.sif' already exists and will be deleted during the build process. Do you want to continue? [y/N] y
INFO:    Starting build...
FATAL:   While performing build: conveyor failed to get: loading image from docker engine: Error response from daemon: client version 1.22 is too old. Minimum supported API version is 1.24, please upgrade your client to a newer version

I suspect an error in docker-ce since I haven’t changed singularity.
Downgrading to docker-ce 24.0.7 fix this problem.

How to report this pb to docker team?

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Why would it be a docker issue, if a third party solution uses an older version of the docker sdk which is not compatible with docker-ce 25?

You might want to raise an issue in the Singularity project and ask them to support docker-ce 25.0.

If you don’t change the Docker client, but the you upgrade the Docker daemon, you can get the same error message. Singularity is a client (of course much more) and it is not compatible with the new server. So I guess the solution could be actually changing, upgrading Singularity if you have an older version or waiting for a new version of Singularity that supports the most recent Docker version. Until that you can export the docker image using

docker image save IMAGENAME -o imagename.tar

and convert it to a sif file (if your version supports it)

singularity build imagename.sif docker-archive:imagename.tar


I am having the same issue. Looking forward to the singularity updates and in the meanwhile I am downloading in tar format and converting to singularity.